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31 December 2015 @ 10:24 am

Lovebars by theproudpenguin

Update: Life is a bit unyielding at the moment. I bought a new hard drive and installed it only to find out that it wiped my other drive also reformatting all of them. T_T My scanner is on the fritz and I am broke due to the trip to Los Angeles. Which was awesome by the way. I have been working long hours so never get to catch up with dramas or anything.

Update 2: I am back on line sort of a semi-semi-hiatus. I only have my laptop and everything else is in storage. I am still watching dramas so there will be some status updates on those but until I move into my new place which is I don't know when I can't do any scanning or uploading because I don't have the stuff on me at all.
どうも, as you can probably tell I am an 嵐 and NEWS fan mainly. My life for Ohmiya though. Their friendship/skinship gets me going. I am completely in love with 大野智 and 山下智久。 I watch a ton of dramas, 99% being Japanese but find a Korean one I can't get over every once in a while.

The posts in this journal will probably be in English and 日本語が。 I apoligize if it causes any confusion. Feel free to tell me to tell you what I said if you want to know. I ramble a lot about guys and this is just a fun post to kinda give a short introduction to them. I will add them as I add their tags so it can kinda be a drool bucket reference post. ^_^ This may not cover all the tags but my favorites mostly. You will mainly find scans, icons and drama talk about them in this journal.


Oh, feel free to correct me if I spell something wrong in 日本語。 どうもありがとうございます。


Drama Post Of Doom: http://ohmiyazutto.livejournal.com/714.html
Downloads List: http://ohmiyazutto.livejournal.com/19723.html
Buying/Selling List:  http://ohmiyazutto.livejournal.com/11950.html *Not Updated at all*

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